Monday, March 23, 2009


I saw the movie Knowing this weekend and OMG that movie was crazy good.  I think this is Nicholas Cage's best movie by far.  The ending was messed up and the whole thing was creepy but somehow it was sort of comforting.  I guess for me if the world is gonna go out then that's a good way to go.  There was a lot of symbolism and allusion in the movie which really made you think.  The acting was great and one thing that made the movie stand out is that there was a woman who had a daughter and then the daughter had a daughter and they all looked alike, which I appreciate because the young version and the old version never look alike and the family members never look alike either.  Of course Nicholas Cage's character and the girl who plays his sister don't look like they would be related but that's ok.  That might be asking for too much.  Definitely a must see.


  1. i thought this movie was sick! it definitely wasn't what i expected. the ending was insane, how the world ended and all. i agree, a must see. any other good movies you recommend?

  2. I heard mixed reviews on this but I do want to def check it out...after your review I will :)