Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Mix and Match Foundations

Lately I have been experimenting with the different foundations that I have. I have Revlon ColorStay, Revlon PhotoReady, and I have a liquid bronzer, L'Oreal's True Match bronzer.
The ColorStay is too dark for my skin tone and the PhotoReady is a bit too light so I've been mixing them together to get a better color.

ColorStay + PhotoReady: I really like this combination. The shade when mixed together is pretty good but what I mostly like about this combo is the coverage it gives. The ColorStay perks up my complexion and gives more coverage than the PhotoReady but without being too heavy. I mix the two together between my fingers and apply with my hands. Than I take the MAC 109 and swirl it over my face to get a softer more blended look.

PhotoReady + L'Oreal True Match bronzer: This is a great combination because the bronzer adds color to your face without looking like you have a too-dark foundation on. It gives a little glow and color, which is exactly what I'm looking for. I mix the two between my fingers and apply with my hands then buff with 109. If you want to add more color on top, say from a powder bronzer, you can do so without worrying that the color will look weird or unnatural. The consistency is nice and light as well.

Both great combos but I'm loving the PhotoReady + bronzer the best.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Bedroom Eyes

Here's the other look from The Stripper's Guide to Looking Great Naked. This one is on page 37 entitled: Bedroom Eyes. Again, here is the list of products you will need and the instructions straight from the book.
Bedroom Eyes:
*Fat black eye pencil ( I used Benefit's Bad gal eyeliner)
*Frosty white powder shadow (MAC's Crystal Avalanche
*Small angled brush (MAC 316, not angled)
*Dark-Purple eyeshadow (Dark quad from ELF palette Silver Lining)
*Black eyeshadow (MAC's Carbon)
*Lengthening mascara (Maybelline Lash Stiletto mascara)
*False eyelashes (Didn't use)
*Black mascara (Didn't use another mascara)
*White iridescent eyeshadow (Sephora eyeshadow in Aspen Summit)

1. Line inner rims with black eye pencil; smear into lash line.

2. Brush frosty white powder shadow over entire eyelid and blend. (I used the MAC brush, I forgot the number)

3. Using a small angled brush, edge bottom lashes with dark-purple shadow.

4. Repeat this step, using black eyeshadow.

5. Use lengthening mascara on lashes. For an extra-dramatic look, try false eyelashes.

6. After lashes have been lengthened, slowly sweep black mascara up lashes. for bestt results, you should feel your brush on the very edge of your lash line.

7. Finish look with white iridescent eyeshadow at the corner of each eye. You can also dust a little along the top of the cheek-to find this area, just give a sly smile. (I didn't do this part)

Here is the final look: It looked a lot more dramatic in person. This looks like a day time wearable look in the pictures but in real life I definitely would keep this a night time "going out" look.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Beautiful Summer-ready Feet

Summer is here! Well, maybe not where you live but it has already reached 100 degrees where I live. Since it's getting hot, I thought I would share my routine on how i get and keep my feet sandal ready for the summer. Actually, I wear open toe and backless shoes year round but I change up the routine depending on the season.
For reference, I have really dry callous feet that need attention regularly and often or else they get crazy. I have to exfoliate and moisturize often to keep my heels from cracking. That said, here is my routine and the products I use.
Here are the items I use (from left to right):

-Tea Tree Oil Foot Repair Balm
-Flexitol Heel Balm
-Heel Tastic Intensive Heel Therapy
-Sally Hansen Triple Strong Advanced Gel Nail Fortifier
-Beauty Secrets nail file (from Sally's)

Here is my basic routine on say a Sunday night when I want to do a pedicure:

Step 1: Take off nail polish and use nail file to shape and trim my toe nails. (This nail file is really rough so it will take off length really easily)

Step 2: Use PedEgg to remove all callouses and any rough spots I may have.

Step 3: Take a shower or you can soak your feet. Every time I shower I use a little puff to wash and exfoliate my whole foot.

Step 4: Pat off excess water and apply the Flexitol Heel Balm to my entire foot except the nails.

Step 5: Put in toe separators and apply the Sally Hanson Triple Strong, then apply 2 coats of desired nail polish. (I don't use a top coat. I find the polish on my toes lasts much longer when I don't. Weird I know.)

In the morning:
- Shower and wash feet with the puff
-Then i either put the Tea Tree Oil Foot Repair Balm on or the Heel Tastic.
*All of the lotions can attract dirt and whatever is on your floor stick to your feet, so I usually sit somewhere and watch tv or read or something while it's drying. You can also put on socks if you can't sit and wait for it to dry.

That's it! I hope this was helpful.

The Stripper's Guide To Looking Great Naked + Makeup Review

I was recently cleaning out my bookshelf and I found this book. I bought it a couple of years ago and thought it was really cute. Authored by Jennifer Axen & Leigh Phillips, The Stripper's Guide To Looking Great Naked is all about ways to help you look and feel better when naked. The authors interviewed lots of strippers to find out there secrets for looking good and hiding flaws. There are some makeup tips and tricks in this book and I thought I'd try a few of them out. The first one I'm doing is on page 38 titled Charmaine's Champagne Cheeks. Here are the items you need and the instructions paraphrased from the book. (When I re-created the look I changed a few things which I will note below.) Enjoy.
(Picture of book courtesy of

Charmaine's Champagne Cheeks:
*Pink liquid blush (I used Maybelline Dream matte mousse blush in Pink Frosting)
*Brush blush (Can't remember what the brand name of the brush is. I also used a stippling brush)
*Powder bronzer (I can't remember exactly what bronzer this is because the label fell off, but I do know i)t's by Physicians Formula
*Iridescent shimmer powder (Maybelline Loose Shimmer Powder)
*Moisturizer (Target moisturizing lotion, dupe of Cetaphil lotion)

1. On the apple of your cheek make 3 small dots of pink liquid blush in a little triangle, blend around cheek and up toward brow bone. (This is where I used the stippling brush.)
2. Suck in cheeks and use blush brush to dust bronzer along bottom edge of cheekbone.
3. Using iridescent shimmer powder, make a half-moon shape from the top of your cheek to the bottom of your eyebrow and blend toward hairline.
4. Blot gently with moisturizer

Then your done. Here's a pic of me with the look. I think its cute, but better left for a night time look.