Friday, November 6, 2009

Castor Oil and the Amazing Lash

A while ago I had a few eyelashes that were broken off.  I'm not sure how they broke but they did and they were not growing back.  Of course I was in a panic.  What if all my lashes started breaking off?  What if I have to wear false eyelashes for the rest of my life?  So I searched various beauty sites and found out about a couple of different products.  Most of them were expensive so I decided to check out Ardell Brow and lash growth accelerator. (I later found it at Ulta) Unfortunately, I couldn't find it, so I decided to try castor oil.  I read that castor oil does various things, among them eyelash growth.  I got a small bottle at my local grocery store.
This stuff is amazing!  Not only did the broken eyelashes grow back but ALL of my lashes grew.  Now, I used the castor oil pretty inconsistently and it still worked.  I used it for the first week every night but after that I only used it sporadically. 
Here's how I use it:  After I take off my makeup at night I take a Q-tip and dip it into the oil.  Wipe off the excess (so it doesn't drip in your eye) and rub the Q-tip along both sides of the lashes and at the root of the lashes on the top side.  That's it.  It's that easy and the oil is inexpensive as well.  Definitely worth a try.

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