Thursday, April 1, 2010

Out the Door Top Coat

I've been getting into polishing my nails for the last couple of months because I've been bombarded with pictures of beautiful nail colors. Unfortunately, my nail polish never lasts more than 3 days. That's it, 3 days max with chipping. So, I hear all the time that a tip coat is the secret to lasting nail polish. I've been using a Sally Hansen one, which I can't remember the name of. I think you can use it as a base and top coat. Anyway, it didn't make my color last any longer than going to a salon so I wanted to try a new one. My choices were between the famous Seche Vite top coat and one call Out the Door. Well, a friend at work swore to me that the Out the Door top coat is amazing. Well, it isn't. I painted my nails a few times with it and it chipped in a day or two every time. I painted my nails with an OPI color Sunday at around 7pm and by Monday (the next day) at 3pm the color had chipped on all of my nails. Yes, all! I think the polish not lasting might have something to do with it being a fast drying top coat but I don't care. It needs to last longer than 2 days because that's just ridiculous. So, I recently picked up the Sally Hanson Mega Shine top coat and I'm hoping that works better. It was buy one get one 1/2 off so I got one of the new nail polishes too. If that doesn't work then I'll definitely try the Seche Vite next.

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