Thursday, February 19, 2009

Dead Like Me

If you're a fan of the now cancelled tv show Dead Like Me, you probably already know that the "movie" came out on Tuesday.  I say "movie" because the it's pretty short and it sucked.   George, Roxie, and good ole Mason are the same and they're great.  Unfortunately, the girl who plays Daisy is terrible.  This was not the same Daisy Adair as the one in the tv show.  And the story about the new boss is basically non existent.  They tell you why he's here but that's it.  Dolores and her cat Murray are back!  I loved them.  Reggie is grown up and it was just weird to see. (Although she did a great job)  And of course Joy.  Joy was great too.  It comes down to this, if you loved the t.v show you have to see the move, even though there is no closure.  If you've never heard of Dead Like Me.  You should probably keep it that way.

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