Monday, September 14, 2009

VMA's, Kanye, Taylor Swift, & Beyonce

OMG!  I didn't watch the VMA's but I saw what Kanye did and I am so pissed.  He has the biggest ego in the  world.  So you make good music, so you've got an opinion.  Yeah and?  Other's people's opinion count too.  Kanye, you have no right what-so-ever to take away someone else's moment like that, no one does.   If you want to tweet, blog, vlog about it later go right ahead.  Kanye has no class, no compassion, no decency, and no common sense.  He has a perfect example of grace and decency right in front of him, hello Beyonce, and still he continues to act like a jerk.  Taylor handled herself wonderfully and Beyonce was so so gracious.  Kayne get a clue!  You're a terrible role model and from what I can tell a terrible person as well.


  1. Have you heard the recording of Obama saying that Kanye is a Jackass?ha ha. It's so funny, a reporter recorded him talking about the incident before a television interview

  2. I heard he said that but I haven't actually listened to it. Well, he's right.

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