Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Revlon Outlet

So yesterday I went to the Revlon outlet with one of my friends.  I love this place.  It's kinda in the "trucking district" which about an hour away from my house.  Anyway, they have tons of discontinued and available Revlon and Alamy products, (and I think another brand but I can't remember which), all at a big fat discount.  I use the Revlon Lip Glide Sheer and I am running out.  Unfortunately, the color has been discontinued (and I think the Lip Glide Sheers as a whole have been too).  Well, I thought, no big deal I'll just go to the outlet.  Lucky me.  Nope, they didn't have my color!  It's really discontinued!  Boooooooo!  Oh well, I guess I'm on a quest for a new sheer nude lip color.

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