Thursday, March 25, 2010

Ulta Blush-Karma

The other day I was browsing in Ulta and I came across the most gorgeous peach blush I have ever seen. It's called Karma and it's a true peach color. No hint of pink or brown, just peach. I have only tried a few products from Ulta's line of cosmetics and I've never tried out one of their blushes so I decided to get it.
The pigment is very rich so you only need a little product to get a lot of color. I used a MAC 187 stippling brush and it gave such a pretty flush of color that I wanted to put all over my face! The color is so natural, blends beautifully, and really perks up my complexion. I have pretty fair skin but I think this blush would work on pretty much any skin tone.

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