Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Stripper's Guide To Looking Great Naked + Makeup Review

I was recently cleaning out my bookshelf and I found this book. I bought it a couple of years ago and thought it was really cute. Authored by Jennifer Axen & Leigh Phillips, The Stripper's Guide To Looking Great Naked is all about ways to help you look and feel better when naked. The authors interviewed lots of strippers to find out there secrets for looking good and hiding flaws. There are some makeup tips and tricks in this book and I thought I'd try a few of them out. The first one I'm doing is on page 38 titled Charmaine's Champagne Cheeks. Here are the items you need and the instructions paraphrased from the book. (When I re-created the look I changed a few things which I will note below.) Enjoy.
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Charmaine's Champagne Cheeks:
*Pink liquid blush (I used Maybelline Dream matte mousse blush in Pink Frosting)
*Brush blush (Can't remember what the brand name of the brush is. I also used a stippling brush)
*Powder bronzer (I can't remember exactly what bronzer this is because the label fell off, but I do know i)t's by Physicians Formula
*Iridescent shimmer powder (Maybelline Loose Shimmer Powder)
*Moisturizer (Target moisturizing lotion, dupe of Cetaphil lotion)

1. On the apple of your cheek make 3 small dots of pink liquid blush in a little triangle, blend around cheek and up toward brow bone. (This is where I used the stippling brush.)
2. Suck in cheeks and use blush brush to dust bronzer along bottom edge of cheekbone.
3. Using iridescent shimmer powder, make a half-moon shape from the top of your cheek to the bottom of your eyebrow and blend toward hairline.
4. Blot gently with moisturizer

Then your done. Here's a pic of me with the look. I think its cute, but better left for a night time look.

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