Saturday, June 5, 2010

Beautiful Summer-ready Feet

Summer is here! Well, maybe not where you live but it has already reached 100 degrees where I live. Since it's getting hot, I thought I would share my routine on how i get and keep my feet sandal ready for the summer. Actually, I wear open toe and backless shoes year round but I change up the routine depending on the season.
For reference, I have really dry callous feet that need attention regularly and often or else they get crazy. I have to exfoliate and moisturize often to keep my heels from cracking. That said, here is my routine and the products I use.
Here are the items I use (from left to right):

-Tea Tree Oil Foot Repair Balm
-Flexitol Heel Balm
-Heel Tastic Intensive Heel Therapy
-Sally Hansen Triple Strong Advanced Gel Nail Fortifier
-Beauty Secrets nail file (from Sally's)

Here is my basic routine on say a Sunday night when I want to do a pedicure:

Step 1: Take off nail polish and use nail file to shape and trim my toe nails. (This nail file is really rough so it will take off length really easily)

Step 2: Use PedEgg to remove all callouses and any rough spots I may have.

Step 3: Take a shower or you can soak your feet. Every time I shower I use a little puff to wash and exfoliate my whole foot.

Step 4: Pat off excess water and apply the Flexitol Heel Balm to my entire foot except the nails.

Step 5: Put in toe separators and apply the Sally Hanson Triple Strong, then apply 2 coats of desired nail polish. (I don't use a top coat. I find the polish on my toes lasts much longer when I don't. Weird I know.)

In the morning:
- Shower and wash feet with the puff
-Then i either put the Tea Tree Oil Foot Repair Balm on or the Heel Tastic.
*All of the lotions can attract dirt and whatever is on your floor stick to your feet, so I usually sit somewhere and watch tv or read or something while it's drying. You can also put on socks if you can't sit and wait for it to dry.

That's it! I hope this was helpful.

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