Monday, July 12, 2010

Beyond the Zone Straight Shot

I tried this product last night while blow drying my curly hair straight. I really wanted to see if it worked so I parted my hair down the middle and only used the product on one side of my hair. On the other side of my hair I used what I normally use.
Here's what the product claims on the back of the bottle:
-Straightens wavy & very curly hair
-Tames the frizzies
-Adds moisture
-Long-lasting straightening power
-Humidity resistant

O.K. this product didn't do any of that for my hair. Here's what did happen to my hair:
-This product made my hair as straight as it would if I had just blow-dried my hair with nothing in it.
-My hair was definitely frizzy afterward.
-My hair felt dry afterwards so I don't believe it added any moisture.
-Did it prime my hair for thermo styling? I don't really think so because my hair didn't feel soft afterward.
-I straightened my hair about 5:30, didn't go outside, didn't do anything really and the next morning when I woke up the side I used this product on was even more frizzy and completely crazy. Usually the next day my hair is still smooth and straight.
-This is the only thing I can't comment on because right now it's like 110 degrees out with zero humidity. So, no comment on this but it doesn't even matter because it failed everything else.

My final say is I will definitely not re-purchase this and I won't even be using it again. I'm just gonna throw this bottle out because it's pointless to use it. I wish it would have worked better but oh well. If anyone knows of a great straightening product let me know.

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