Thursday, July 15, 2010

Re-Discovered Product That I Never Even Used

I was cleaning out my makeup case and I discovered an eyeshadow that I bought a while ago and never even used. It's the NYX Ultra Pearl Mania loose eyeshadow in Charcoal Pearl. It's absolutely gorgeous and I can't believe I haven't used this yet!
I was trying to figure out what eye look I wanted to do because I was wearing a purple top and I was going to work so I couldn't do anything too crazy or bright and I'm tired of just a neutral look. Well, problem solved because this shadow just popped out of nowhere. I decided to use it as a liner so I wet a MAC 224 angled brush with Fix+ and dipped it in the shadow. It looks amazing! It comes off totally different than what it looks like in the bottle. It definitely looks charcoal but it has blue metallic sheen to it as well. The sheen looks great against blue eyes. I felt like I received a prize when I found it!
I think this shadow will look great layered over a black or grey eye pencil, even a dark brown eye pencil. Yeah, I'm gonna try the dark brown pencil next time I wear it.
I also like that it's not as intense as a black liner so it's great for summer but it will also be great for fall and winter too because you can make it darker and more intense. I plan on using this color A LOT.

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