Monday, August 2, 2010

Curly Hair Series

So since it's summertime and I'm really tired of straightening my extremely curly hair all the time I've decided to try out a few products that are geared to curly hair. I have 4 different products and I'll be using each product for a week then doing a review on how well the product worked for me.
My hair:
Is extreme! It's extremely curly, thick, dry and frizzy! I use a ton of conditioner and deep condition often.
What I'm looking for in a product:
Here are the things I'm going to base my reviews on:
1. A product that is going to eliminate, or at least really control the frizz. This is probably the thing that will be hardest to do.

2. A product that will keep my curls curly. Some products leave the curl limp and I don't want that.

3. A product that doesn't make my hair hard, crunchy and flakey.

I don't think that's too much to hope for, do you?

O.K. on to the first product, Aveeno Nourish + Style Soft-Hold Gel-Creme.
This is the first time I've tried an Aveeno hair product and I really liked it.
It's a milky looking gel that feels slick but thicker than a gel. It has a bit of a perfumy smell, that isn't too strong or over powering. I used a very generous amount and focused mostly on my ends and my bang/hairline area. Those are the areas that tend to be more frizzy.

1. This kept the frizz in my hair at bay pretty well. I feel like it could have been a bit better though. I'm sure if I play around with mixing this with other products it will work even better and controlling my frizz.

2. This product did a great job at keeping my curls bouncy and tight.

3. This didn't make my feel at all crunchy or hard and didn't flake a bit.

All-in-all I really like this product! I'm not going to say I'll repurchase this just yet because I want to try the other stuff first but it's definitely a good product.
If you have any questions just leave a message.

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