Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Project 3-Pan

I know, I know, 3-Pan!?! I must be joking right? Nope. I really don't think I can use up/hit pan on 10 products before I buy more makeup so I've decided I'm going to attempt to use up 3 products this month. I think that's doable. I was inspired because I ran out of my MUFE Smokey Lash Mascara. I'm focusing on my Rimmel Glam'Eyes mascara, my Maybelline Mousse Concealer, and my Coastal Scents foundation.

Wish me luck, LOL!


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  2. Thanks so much for commenting and following! I really appreciate it!

  3. Kamani,

    This is a great idea. Only buying makeup if there is absolutely nothing left of its type. I would add any personal care product to that too - body lotion, hair product. I won't have to buy anything for, literally, years!